Interests and Efforts by Corey Tabaka

I'm a software engineer working in consumer electronics in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm particularly potent at low-level programming and system software architecture, though I enjoy all levels of software and hardware development. I've hacked emulators, graphics engines, content management systems, kernels, bootloaders, drivers, firmware, web apps, databases, and more. There's not much I haven't seen in software development.

I'm currently working at Google [x] on Project Glass. The team is awesome and so is the organization!

Places I've worked include:

I sometimes push interesting things to GitHub:

I recently moved away from WordPress because of its tendancy to be hacked and hijacked for who knows what purposes. I'm rebuilding the site and returning some of the original content as I have time. If you came here following a link from another site and what you're looking for isn't here, please be patient as I get things up again.